Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Moving On

looking left and right, back and forward
sitting still quietly watching time past by
everything seems to be moving so fast
but yet we choose to sit there not moving a muscle

we know that there are deadlines to meet
chores to be done, things to be completed
there seems to be so less hours in a day
seconds seems to move faster every time we look at time

everywhere we go we see people running fast
some stop by the side walk panting,catching their breath
some continue to run with all their strength
running to reach a finish line in life

though the road is long and winding,
we still run to complete every task in life,
the obstacles that we encounter leaves scars on us
reminding us of how we got past the nemesis

its normal for us to sit down quietly at times
reflecting back on what we had done and where we're headed in life
its alright to stare endlessly in the deep blue sky
and find yourself the courage to move on

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