Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ways to Learn How to Conserve

The recent price hike of rice and petrol will put a hole in everyones pocket. Our salary does not rise as fast as those items, what can we do to earn that extra cash to pay the difference in price hike? Conserve is the rite word for it. What can you conserve?

Way 1. Turn off all electrical appliances
When you are not using the computer, television or radio, you can act to turn off those electrical appliance to conserve more energy which will put less burden on your electrical bill at the end of the month. When i said turn off means to completely switch off the main plug or pull out the cable. Why i say this is because most electrical appliances still drain small amounts of energy when the plugs are still plugged in the socket. According to people who practiced this method, they managed to save around 25% of their bill. If your electric bill would be RM100, you will only pay RM75 only. Save rite?

Way 2.Plan your trips
Plan your trips means avoiding going the same routes twice and try to synchronize your task so you will only need to travel once and get the task done. Example is when you want to buy your groceries and the shop is located on the way to your working place, you can always stop by and do your shopping when you are on the way to work instead of choosing to go out just to do your shopping on a weekend when you are not working. I have a friend who have 2 cars and he will use the smaller car to run errands and only use the bigger car when he has passengers to drive around and want them to be comfortable. Using small car to run errands save a lot since there is no need to drive a high fuel consumption car just to run small errands.

Way 3.Go electronic
Welcome to the digital era where everything can be done via electronic method. Electronic billing, electronic mail and many more are ways to save on fuel, paper, postages because when a physical bill is being sent to you, there is transportation involved. Check with the merchants to see if you can get discounts if you use the electronic method coz there are many that offers them. Example is you can save around RM3 if you do not subscribe to physical bill from Digi. U can use their website to obtain your bill and it is FOC.
Way 4.Recycle
Yes the classic word which everyone once heard of.Recycling can bring many benefits and save your pocket from being burnt so much. 1st start to look around for unwanted stuff and put your brain to use by asking yourself is there anything else that u can use it for. There is bound to be 2nd uses for the item whether it is just old clothes,containers, bottles and others. If the items are really out of use, stock it up and bring it to the nearest recycling center to earn some extra cash. It may not be much, but if accumulated, it can be a decent amount.

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