Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Beauty of Customer Service

Imagine you in your working place working for almost 9 hours. The day sucks coz you encounter customers that not only scolds you but also curse your mum and dad. the best part is being in the customer service line, customers are always rite. Well its true if they use vulgar words and scold you, you can act to terminate the conversation but imagine having to face so many different customers everyday and each encounter gives them a chance to shoot you. Hence at the end of your day, you are bound to feel f*cked up.

Furthermore,its really frustrating when you are counting down every second there is before the clock strikes the last second where you can log off and finally call it a day when suddenly a customer comes in with his or her enquiry. well, you may think that this means that its a bad day for you, but think again as if its just an enquiry then you are considered lucky. have you imagined if it was an irate customer who is walking in with a complain and you are there standing in the clear opening with every single opportunity for them to stab you. what happens next? i guess you can take a hint especially if you had been in this field before.

no doubt that a customer is always right and when a customer says that he or she does not like a service given, we as customer service personal must take all the blame for it and do our best to reassure the same bad experience does not occur again in the future. But we are humans as well and there is also a certain limit for our patience. I have seen many people who normally are very patience and cool but all of a sudden when they snap, you wont even believe your eyes.

Being in the front line day after day meeting all kinds of customers is already a challenging and tiring task for us already. The least we can ask for is a comfortable bed we can lie in when we are not in front of customers. when i say bed doesn't mean the actual bed but the management. Why i say this is because we want to be feeling comfortable and relaxing zone after being molded by the customers. We need the management to understand our situation and not push us more with more pressure. Do you know how does it feel after being shot in the front line by customers, then coming back to base and getting shot another round by your manager?

Which brings me to the question again "what is actually a manager's task?". Is it to give pressure to the workers to produce the results? or to help them, understand them and give them options to overcome whatever problems that they are facing. We absolutely understand that there are key performance indicators that must be achieved, but the way of approaching each member and a manager's attitude is very important for the team motivation which will in return resulting in success.
Do you know that in the customer service line, adherence is very important. every minute and every single second counts. Even if you are late by a few minutes, you will still be considered late. And when you are sick and go on medical leave, your score card will be affected even if your case is genuine. Please tell me, we are humans right? how can a human not get sick in his life time and not be late even for once in his or her life? we understand the importance of punctuality but taking it out on our score card is not the right way.

Psychologically, if this kind of thing continues to goes on, a person will experience fatigue both mentally and physically. Both motivation and commitment will fade in time which will result in poor performance. Now i understand why the turnover rate of staff in customer service is the highest among all job categories.


**Pei Yin** said...

having tough time with ur job?! :) life is hard.. sigh~ ganbatte la!

cwlee said...

ya~ find $$$ very hard le.nvm lo.now young must work harder.thx peiyin