Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Brains Or Brawn?

Long long ago during ancient times, a man was judged based on his strength and capability to bring back food for the women and children. The stronger the man, the more food that he can bring back for the family.Hence the strongest man will be regarded as the leader of the tribe. In short we can say that strength and brawn itself is sufficient for a man to be respected n those days.

In todays society, everyone wants to find success in life. Success in this era will no more depend on strength and brawn alone. People spend countless hours of studying and working to earn that extra knowledge and cash just to be ahead of the others. Yes you got it, nowadays we will need both knowledge and cash to be successful and have a luxurious life.

No matter how strong you are now, it really doesn't matter coz power now will solely depend on knowledge. ya u will be admired in the gym when u lift heavy stuff but it doesn't earn you anything besides that. i believe that you all had heard the term "knowledge is power" rite now. This reflects that how powerful knowledge is in this era. If you know a piece of info that others don't, you will be ahead of them already.

Knowledge is also essential to find money nowadays. With exceptional knowledge and skill, you will not find any obstacles in finding a job and the more knowledge or the more rare your skill is, the higher salary you will get compared to others. Professionals and specialist are being payed and given special benefits wherever they go because they can do and they know what others don't.

Its just that simple.Keep yourself up to date and keep expending your knowledge as this is the sole factor which determines how well you do in life. always remember that if you have knowledge, you are immune and no one can touch or threaten you unless the other person is more knowledgeable than you.


**Pei Yin** said...

yes.. "brain" is very important! knowledge? I guess depend on what kind of knowledge we have. So what if I am a bachelor degree from Biology?! I am jobless and I dont see future for this field! Haiz~~~

cwlee said...

its ok peiyin.even nw u dun see the use of it, but who knows in the future.btw juz continue to accumulate knowledge and it will benefit u indeed.