Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Are Woman Careful Drivers?

Now lets talk about this topic..ok..let me ask you all a question, what will you get when u add a woman and a car? Whats your answer? Most people will answer "SAFE".

Ok i had heard this phrase that "woman drivers are always more careful drivers as compared to men". Let me see, i heard that from my mum, my school teacher, my friends (mostly girls) and also from the instructor who thought me driving. The instructor said to me that so many years that he had teach driving, he was very proud of the girls as they emerge to be very careful drivers. He said that even though men are better learners and drivers, women will always be the most careful ones.

when first i heard this, of course i will did not believe it. well i mean why are they categorizing based on gender? I had seen woman drivers who are reckless and some men drivers who have not even met with an accident as long they were on the road..

well regardless of what i think, as usual we need to see the actual case happens to change the mind set. so i just came across todays news in the star and guess what? a wife accidentally knocked down her husband in an attempt to reverse her car.Apparently she was trying to reverse the car but she accidentally put the gear into drive mode and stepped on the accelerator.
the poor husband who had so much fate in her, was standing in front of the car at that time and that was his final moment on this planet.

Report says that he suffered serious head injuries when he was admitted into the hospital. The wife must had pressed the accelerator quite hard to have caused such a damage. So the moral of the story is, any can make mistakes and accidents do happen. So please be careful at all times. As usual, the hyper link below contains the news. happy reading.