Friday, May 30, 2008

Are you responsible enough?

what are we responsible for in this world? well, lets see..1st we have to trace back from the source of our existence which is our very own parents. without them, of course we will not be born in this world. when they grow old, we as sons and daughters will have to take care of them. In todays society, taking care does not mean just taking care. it also involves cash.especially when they reach an old age and their health starts to deteriorate.

when their health starts to need medical attention, of course large amount of money is needed to take care and nurse them back to health. i know many of you will suggest the idea of having an insurance coverage or a medical card but that also involves cost. we have to bear in mind as well that not every aspect and sickness are covered. naturally, the more the insurance covers, the higher the monthly payment for the plan. so, are we really prepared to take care of them as how they took care of us when we were young?

from where i see, based on todays working salary, cost of living, inflation rate and other miscellaneous factors, we will not be able to give the best to our parents. this really bothers me as it makes me feel like i am helpless to care for them. imagine when your parents meets with an emergency and being sent to a hospital then when they were about to admit them into the hospital, you are not able to pay the bill. hence they will transfer them to the government hospitals which service of course not good as the private ones.

i understand as well the government is doing their best to improve the facilities but due to higher amount of demand in the hospitals will result in more time taken to wait to be treated. in emergency cases, even 1 second will determine life and death. having this thought in my mind, seeing my very own parents suffer due to my lack of ability to find money really provokes me. i feel like a total loser not being able to save my own parents when they really need me.
no NO more. i will not just stay here and let things be as they are. i will not stand still and watch them suffer anymore. i swear that i will take full responsibility of my very own family. i am tired of working and being barely to earn enough to support myself. i had been working for almost 3 years and i don't even posses the ability to take care of my family when they need me the most. working is definitely not the answer here.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wo Hu Xi Ni

A master piece song by Vic Zhou

Na me tou ming yi zhen xin ji
Na shi ni yi wang zai jing zi qian de xiang shui ping
Xiang gu yi gei le wo xiang nian ni de wen rou xian jing
Di yi di zai zhen tou shang mian
An jing de hu xi
Xiang qi zai ci rang wo yu qing xing wei di
Bi shang yan jing hui xiang cong quian ni zong hui
Kao zhao wo chen chen shui qu

* Wo hu xi ni
Hu xi kong qi hu xi ni dan dan xiang qi
Yi dian hen ji
Zheng ming wo dui ni bu neng qie ge gan jing de gan qing
Ming ming mei guo qu de ai qing hai huo zai na li
Wo you ru he men gou zhi zhi bu li

Wo hu xi ni
Hu xi hui yi
Hu xi ni jian chi yao li kai de jue ding
Ni de qi xi
Wang bu diao fei san bu qu
Ba zhan wo de hu xi
Xiao xin yi yi shou shi qi bo li ping sui shi wen xi
Wo hui xiao
Yin wei kong qi you ni
He hui yi

Shi mei gui ma hai shi mo li
Wo zen me cong bu ceng xiang guo yao qu wen wen ni
Yuan lai you na me duo di fang bu ceng liao jie ni
Wen yi wen shu xi de qi xi que bian de shen mi
Tu ran liao jie ni li kai wo de yuan yin
Guan yu sheng hui ni wo zhi jian de cha yi
Zong yi wei bu shi wen ti

Repeat *

Ways to Save on Shopping Bill

With the recent price increase on rice and petrol, i believe that everyone will feel the pinch especially the middle to lower income group. Both of the above categories are essential for everyone as we need to eat and we need petrol as means of traveling either for work or leisure.
I had heard that many people will complain on the government not capable by allowing all these price increase.

Its true that the government should help the public by lessening the public burden but they can't be blamed for all these increase because its a global issue which other nations are also facing. Hence, instead of blaming and finding faults, its better that we seek solutions to counter all these problems.

So stated below are some tips to save some cash on your shopping bill.

Tip 1.Grow your own food.
Before i say more on this, we do not necessary need to have a farm to grow your food. The meaning of growing your own food is things such as spices and other small foods such as spices.

Tip 2.Get better value per unit
This means that we go for larger quantity as the more bigger the quantity, the cheaper the price. An example can be viewed when see the price difference of 1.5 liter juice price as compared to 250mlX6 juice. Overall the price of the 1.5 liter bottle will be cheaper compared to 250mlX6 bottles.

Tip 3.Buy generic or house brands
House brand items.Have you heard of all these? Don't have a idea what it is? House brand means local brand from the hypermarket themselves. Some of the examples are brands such as tesco value, tesco choice, giant, carefour and many more. The reason why these brands are more cheaper compared to other leading brands are not because they lack of quality but because of the cost of advertising which had been saved being rewarded back to consumers. Other leading brands spend a lot of cost on advertising their products which explains the higher price to cover up their cost. House brands on the other hand do not require advertising which brings a lower selling price.

Tip 4.Look at the big total
Always look at the bigger picture. Be careful of promotion such as "Buy 1 get 1 free" as this promotion sometimes will have a higher price for the item u purchase but the free gift is very less in value. This trick had been used by almost all retailers to entice customers who doesn't look at the big total.

Tip 5.time your purchases
Buy only during SALE period. When i say time your purchase, i really mean buy only during promotions are on. I believe that if you really time your purchase and buy at the right time, you will really see the effect in your pocket. During a sale, prices can be slashed from as low as 10% till 80%

Tip 6.plan your shopping
According to a local study in the US, almost 12% of the total groceries bought were never consumed and were contributed to wastage. By this fact, we can sum up that we over purchase when we are shopping. Why should we spend excessively on things that we never use? its like throwing ur cash away just like that.So before you buy the thing, think again will it be used or go straight into the trash can.

Tip 7.alternative be flexible
This tip imposes that we not be too choosy on the things that we eat and buy. Rather than buying the same old brand which has a higher price tag, we may consider buying another item which is cheaper. For instance, instead of buying a bottle of dettol hand wash which causes RM8.00, we can consider buying other brands which are lower in terms of price. The main idea here is to be opened and not just stick on one particular thing.

Tip 8.Be Organised
This mean that you need to make a list of the things that you wish to buy before making your way to the shopping mall. You should also take note of the prices of items that you normally buy. Why you ask? of course to keep track of the prices and make sure that what ur buying are really reasonable. As u know now not all items are on promo every week. Compare with other brands quality, price and the amount that ur willing to spend.

Tip 9.Save more from the cards in ur wallet
I like this tip. Ok, we all now use many kind of loyalty cards and credit cards to pay for our shopping right? So make use of both cards to the max to make ur purchase and redeem for cash vouchers and rebates that are being offered by your credit card company for being loyal to them. Some till the extent also offers attractive prizes when you use more than a certain amount.

Tip 10.Buy overruns or used items
Did you know that now you can still find some items that are in good conditions in 2nd hand shops? If you still have the mind conception that 2nd hand shops only sell cheap, dull and worn out stuff, please think again. Now even the wealthy and higher class individuals will go there and look for good conditions items. it may be hard to find but the price there sure will save ur wallet from getting burnt.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Forever Love

Time for song of the day again. This song recently struck my mind and the thought of including it in my blog immediately came to my mind. Forever there really such a thing as forever love?
i can only wonder...

Ai ni bu shi yin wei ni de mei er yi
Wo yue lai yue ai ni mei ge yan shen chu dong wo de xin
Yin wei ni rang wo kan jian Forever cai liao jie zi ji
Wei lai zhe xie ri zi yao hao hao zhen xi

Ai wo you xie tong ku you xie bu gong ping
Ru guo zhen de ai wo bu shi li suo dang ran de jue ding
Gan dao ni de hu xi zai wo er bian xiang wei feng shen qi
Wen rou de an fu wo de bu an ding
Suo yi wo yao mei tian yan jiu ni de xiao rong Wo... duo me zi ran

Forever Love..Forever Love
Wo zhi xiang yong zhe yi bei zi qu ai ni
Cong jin yi hou ni hui shi suo you xing fu de li you

Ai qing shi chang zui mei zui yuan de lu xing
Yan tu yu ji ni ning ou er zu ai wo men de qian jin
Gan dao ni de ti wen zai wo huai li xiang yang guang he xu
Qiao miao de rong hua wo de bu an ding
Bu ke si yi zheng ming wo ai ni de li you Wo... duo me zi ran

Forever Love..Forever Love
Wo zhi xiang yong wo zhe yi bei zi qu ai ni
Cong jin yi hou ni hui shi suo you xing fu de li you

Ni gan dong de yan jing
Wo chen mo de sheng yin
Fang fu jiu shi zui hao de zheng ming
Jiu rang wo zai shuo yi ci, I love you Oh...
Zhi dao yong yuan...

Oh...Forever Love..Forever Love
Wo zhi xiang yong wo zhe yi bei zi qu ai ni
Cong jin yi hou ni hui shi suo you xing fu de li you
Forever Love Forever Love Forever Love

I'm Tired~

life is so tiring, don't you think so? as working person, we have to work 8 hours a day just to get payed at the end of the month. As a student, we had to study, do assignments and sit for exams to earn that pointer to pass the certain subject. You see, its a never ending procedure which happens everyday once dawn break till the sun sets in.By the time you wake up in the morning, it starts all over again.
it seems that we are bounded by this routine which happens everyday in our life. we are all like trap in a rat race running in circles doing the same thing over and over again. Some of us even got used to this routine till they are immune and do it until the very day they close their eyes. This keeps me wondering, "is life really that boring and tiring? is there a certain way out of this tiring maze?"
last night, when i was sitting down alone pondering on this, i came to a conclusion that instead of doing the same thing everyday which everyone does, i need to do something different or else i would end up being trapped like them forever in this rat race. It would be endless doing the same thing over and over again. Already this is tiring me. 13 years of studying and almost 3 years of working brings me to a stand which concludes that what i am doing now is never ending.hence a solution must be thought and it must be thought fast.
what must i do differently from others that can get me out of this race? why are others not doing it? why do they choose to remain here? what will happen if they fail to do what they wanted? are the consequences really that bad that they decide to just stick with a job? all these questions continue to flood my brain as i give this thought a while to explore my mind. I know time is almost up and i need to act fast now. the time is now.
the race of life is just about to begin and i am still here at the starting line, unsure on where to go.i know i must be doing something differently but do not know what. thats the only problem that i have now. well, tonight i will have to continue my daily routine as well. it can't be helped coz i haven't found a way out of this mess.
i guess its ok to continue working as for now. times are tough right now and i know that having a job is already considered a blessing. although this job is very tiring both mentally and physically, it earns quite a good amount for my age and academic qualification at the moment. But this is not what i am satisfied with, as i am going to find my exit out of this rat race. You just wait and see~

Saturday, May 24, 2008

How to Save Electricity

One day i was happily coming back from work, went to my room and turn on the PC. I was about to do the normal stuff i do online when suddenly i heard a faint voice calling me from downstairs. The voice was my mum calling my name over and over again. So fine, I went down to see what did she want. When i was there, guess what? The electric bill was in her hand and she started to preach about my usage.
I didn't recall using so much of electricity since most of the time i will be at work or out with my friends for "yam cha", shopping, movies, gym and many more. Other times i will be asleep. Its true sometimes when i was asleep, i will leave the PC on for downloading stuffs but then again, it was never that much. Basically i only use my house electric to online, air conditioner and charge my mobile.Then i was like "ok, thats it, i'm gonna find out what was actually causing so much". After the lecture, i went to my PC and quickly find the tips on how to conserve electricity.
How to Conserve Electricity

1. Turn off electrical appliance when not in use.
2. Use energy saving light bulbs which consumes less energy and last longer.
3. Use natural light when possible.
4. Close all curtains and binds to avoid direct sunlight which will bring up the temperature.
5. Clean air conditioner frequently coz dirty filters will result in the air conditioner working harder which consumes more power.
6. Set the temperature between 22 to 26 degrees for optimum usage.
7. Clean fan blades to ensure it works efficiently.
8. Stock your refrigerator appropriately coz over overload refrigerator use up more energy.
9. Let food cool before putting in the refrigerator.
10. Place refrigerator at least 4 inches away from the wall to avoid overworking the motor.
11. Open refrigerator when necessary.
12. Boil only required amount of water.
13. Wash with your washing machine only when you have a full load but avoid overloading.
14. Select a model that suits the family needs.
15. Before making an electrical appliance, get the retailers to explain on the energy consuption of the appliance.
16. Whenever possible, use more energy efficient appliances.
By the way, the current tariff for a domestic household usage according to TNB are as below.

First 200 kWh (1 - 200 kWh) per month sen/kWh 21.80
Next 800 kWh (201 - 1,000 kWh) per month sen/kWh 28.90
Over 1,000 kWh (1,001 kWh onwards) per month sen/kWh 31.20

Fake RM100

Just ran into todays news which stated that there are fake RM 100 notes being circulating around in the country. Before this, there were RM50 notes around but now there is even higher value of notes being counterfeited. So folks out there, please check your notes to see if there are fakes ones among them.
When i say check your notes, i do not mean use a fake note detector to check them. Those gadgets can only be seen in banks and casinos. Apparently they claim that its very easy to distinguish the real ones and the fakes. Based on the article from The Star, there are 5 main points to differentiate them. I will highlight them as per below.
1) The security thread on a real note is embedded in the bill and appears on the reverse side of the note as a silver dotted line. When the note is held up against light, it is seen as a continuous dark line and the repeated text 'BNMRM100' can be read. This feature is missing on the counterfeit note, where the 'security thread' appears as a silver dotted line.

2) No raised Braille feature on the counterfeit note.

3) The holographic design on the LEADA (Long-lasting Economical Anti-copy Device) strip represents the same motif as used in the purple patch as well as the text 'BNMRM100'. The colour of these elements change when the viewing angle is changed. The counterfeit note features just a silver thread with a floral pattern.

4) The portrait of the first King on the right of the real note is raised (Intaglio Print). This effect is missing on the fake note.

5) Watermark portrait of the first King is missing in the counterfeit note. The numeral 100 watermark at the base of the King's watermark is also missing.
The method to check on the notes to see if its real or fake is to hold them up to the light and check for the differences. It is said that “The watermark portrait can be seen easily. At the base of the watermark, the numeral 100 is clearly visible in a real note but absent in counterfeit ones,”.
The MCA are aware of this and they will highlight the event to Bank Negara for further action. They had tried an experiment by using the fake notes with several merchants and suprisingly it got through 5 merchants without being detected. Kind of dangerous rite? What can we do on our side is to make sure that we do not have this fake notes in our possession as we won't know when then next person we hand the note to will say "hey, your notes are fakes and we do not accept them!". So the next time someone hand you a RM100 or RM50 note, you know what to do besides smiling.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Beauty of Customer Service

Imagine you in your working place working for almost 9 hours. The day sucks coz you encounter customers that not only scolds you but also curse your mum and dad. the best part is being in the customer service line, customers are always rite. Well its true if they use vulgar words and scold you, you can act to terminate the conversation but imagine having to face so many different customers everyday and each encounter gives them a chance to shoot you. Hence at the end of your day, you are bound to feel f*cked up.

Furthermore,its really frustrating when you are counting down every second there is before the clock strikes the last second where you can log off and finally call it a day when suddenly a customer comes in with his or her enquiry. well, you may think that this means that its a bad day for you, but think again as if its just an enquiry then you are considered lucky. have you imagined if it was an irate customer who is walking in with a complain and you are there standing in the clear opening with every single opportunity for them to stab you. what happens next? i guess you can take a hint especially if you had been in this field before.

no doubt that a customer is always right and when a customer says that he or she does not like a service given, we as customer service personal must take all the blame for it and do our best to reassure the same bad experience does not occur again in the future. But we are humans as well and there is also a certain limit for our patience. I have seen many people who normally are very patience and cool but all of a sudden when they snap, you wont even believe your eyes.

Being in the front line day after day meeting all kinds of customers is already a challenging and tiring task for us already. The least we can ask for is a comfortable bed we can lie in when we are not in front of customers. when i say bed doesn't mean the actual bed but the management. Why i say this is because we want to be feeling comfortable and relaxing zone after being molded by the customers. We need the management to understand our situation and not push us more with more pressure. Do you know how does it feel after being shot in the front line by customers, then coming back to base and getting shot another round by your manager?

Which brings me to the question again "what is actually a manager's task?". Is it to give pressure to the workers to produce the results? or to help them, understand them and give them options to overcome whatever problems that they are facing. We absolutely understand that there are key performance indicators that must be achieved, but the way of approaching each member and a manager's attitude is very important for the team motivation which will in return resulting in success.
Do you know that in the customer service line, adherence is very important. every minute and every single second counts. Even if you are late by a few minutes, you will still be considered late. And when you are sick and go on medical leave, your score card will be affected even if your case is genuine. Please tell me, we are humans right? how can a human not get sick in his life time and not be late even for once in his or her life? we understand the importance of punctuality but taking it out on our score card is not the right way.

Psychologically, if this kind of thing continues to goes on, a person will experience fatigue both mentally and physically. Both motivation and commitment will fade in time which will result in poor performance. Now i understand why the turnover rate of staff in customer service is the highest among all job categories.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Brains Or Brawn?

Long long ago during ancient times, a man was judged based on his strength and capability to bring back food for the women and children. The stronger the man, the more food that he can bring back for the family.Hence the strongest man will be regarded as the leader of the tribe. In short we can say that strength and brawn itself is sufficient for a man to be respected n those days.

In todays society, everyone wants to find success in life. Success in this era will no more depend on strength and brawn alone. People spend countless hours of studying and working to earn that extra knowledge and cash just to be ahead of the others. Yes you got it, nowadays we will need both knowledge and cash to be successful and have a luxurious life.

No matter how strong you are now, it really doesn't matter coz power now will solely depend on knowledge. ya u will be admired in the gym when u lift heavy stuff but it doesn't earn you anything besides that. i believe that you all had heard the term "knowledge is power" rite now. This reflects that how powerful knowledge is in this era. If you know a piece of info that others don't, you will be ahead of them already.

Knowledge is also essential to find money nowadays. With exceptional knowledge and skill, you will not find any obstacles in finding a job and the more knowledge or the more rare your skill is, the higher salary you will get compared to others. Professionals and specialist are being payed and given special benefits wherever they go because they can do and they know what others don't.

Its just that simple.Keep yourself up to date and keep expending your knowledge as this is the sole factor which determines how well you do in life. always remember that if you have knowledge, you are immune and no one can touch or threaten you unless the other person is more knowledgeable than you.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Beauty Fades With Time

As the saying goes, "beauty fades with time". Ever wondered why there goes a saying like this? hmm.who knows? have you really give this saying a thought? One glanced at this saying it looks very normal but as i look longer and start to stare deeply into the saying, every single word start to form a specific meaning.

Beauty indicates the sight of soothing and likes which creates attraction. Many people have this in the beginning and will not realize it till its really gone from their appearance. As time goes and beauty whithers, we will tend to realize that not everyone around us will appreciate us for who we are but for the beauty we once had.

When this happens, relationships will crumble, fights occurs, and tears will be seen flowing down faces. This kind of thing happens very frequently in the society today. Those who managed to get though this part of life, will continue to live and learn from their previous mistake. What was the mistake you may ask? Of course to find the person who appreciates you not only for your beauty but for your heart and who you really are.

Many friends of mine especially girls are very excited in their early teens as many guys go after them. They will switch partners in life and choose the best one they could hang on regardless of their partners feelings. Why not? In their thinking, "i am still pretty and attractive. Why should i settle for less? My previous bf is less attractive, caring, rich, etc, better i choose this person after me".What they failed to realize or consider is that is the person going after them really for who they are or just for the beauty. If it was because of beauty, you can bet that once your time is over, its goodbye for you. He's off to seek younger blood.

What am i try to impose here is that people out there, please give a deeper thought on the saying as this may lead to your happiness in life. Do not pick your life partner based on beauty as time will devour beauty. Seek a person who loves your heart not your appearance.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ways to Learn How to Conserve

The recent price hike of rice and petrol will put a hole in everyones pocket. Our salary does not rise as fast as those items, what can we do to earn that extra cash to pay the difference in price hike? Conserve is the rite word for it. What can you conserve?

Way 1. Turn off all electrical appliances
When you are not using the computer, television or radio, you can act to turn off those electrical appliance to conserve more energy which will put less burden on your electrical bill at the end of the month. When i said turn off means to completely switch off the main plug or pull out the cable. Why i say this is because most electrical appliances still drain small amounts of energy when the plugs are still plugged in the socket. According to people who practiced this method, they managed to save around 25% of their bill. If your electric bill would be RM100, you will only pay RM75 only. Save rite?

Way 2.Plan your trips
Plan your trips means avoiding going the same routes twice and try to synchronize your task so you will only need to travel once and get the task done. Example is when you want to buy your groceries and the shop is located on the way to your working place, you can always stop by and do your shopping when you are on the way to work instead of choosing to go out just to do your shopping on a weekend when you are not working. I have a friend who have 2 cars and he will use the smaller car to run errands and only use the bigger car when he has passengers to drive around and want them to be comfortable. Using small car to run errands save a lot since there is no need to drive a high fuel consumption car just to run small errands.

Way 3.Go electronic
Welcome to the digital era where everything can be done via electronic method. Electronic billing, electronic mail and many more are ways to save on fuel, paper, postages because when a physical bill is being sent to you, there is transportation involved. Check with the merchants to see if you can get discounts if you use the electronic method coz there are many that offers them. Example is you can save around RM3 if you do not subscribe to physical bill from Digi. U can use their website to obtain your bill and it is FOC.
Way 4.Recycle
Yes the classic word which everyone once heard of.Recycling can bring many benefits and save your pocket from being burnt so much. 1st start to look around for unwanted stuff and put your brain to use by asking yourself is there anything else that u can use it for. There is bound to be 2nd uses for the item whether it is just old clothes,containers, bottles and others. If the items are really out of use, stock it up and bring it to the nearest recycling center to earn some extra cash. It may not be much, but if accumulated, it can be a decent amount.

Keng Kor Gum Kuk 2 (劲歌金曲2)

Just stumbled upon a nice song which happens to be a compilation of various top Chinese love songs. In my opinion this song is very nice and romantic. The MV is cute as well. Nice work by Leo Ku and Alice Tzeng. Below are the MV's (2part) and lyrics.Enjoy..

(Forever Love)
Ai ni, bu shi ying wei ni de mei er yi
Wo yue lai yue, ai ni
Mei ge yien shen chu dong wo de xing

(Liang Ge Ren De Yian Huo)
Zui ai ni de shi wo
Fou zhe ni zhe me rang wo
Fou zhe wo zhe me ke neng, fu tang dao huo
Ni shuo shen me dou zuo

(Ru Guo Ai)
Ru guo zhe jiu shi ai
Zai juan shen jiu gai yong gan liu xia lai
Jiu suan sho shang, jiu shuan liu lei
Dou shi sheng ming li wan rou huan gai

(Tong Hua)
Wo yao bian chen, tong hua li
Ni ai de na ge tian shi
Zhang kai shuang shou
Bian chen shi fan shou hu ni
Ni yao xiang xing
Xiang xing wo men hui xiang tong hua gu shi li

(Hen ai hen ai ni)
Fang hen duo xing fu de di fang fei qu
Hen ai hen ai ni, zi yao rang ni, yong you ai ching
Wo chai an xing

(Wo Yuen Yi)
Wo yuen yi wei ni, wo yuen yi wei ni
Wo yuen yi wei ni, wang ji wo sheng ming
Zi yao ni zhen shing, na ai yue wo hui yi
Wo shen me dou yuen yi, wei ni

(Hao xiang hao xiang)
Hao xiang hao xiang, hao xiang hao xiang
Hao xiang hao xiang he ni zai yi qi

(Ming tian wo yao jia gei ni)
Ming tian wo yao jia gei ni la
Ming tian wo yao jia gei ni la
Yao bu shi ni wen wo
Yao bu shi ni chuen wo
Yao bu shi shi dang de shi hou, ni rang wo xing chung

(Bu De Bu Ai)
Tian tian, dou shu yao ni ai
Ni de xing xi you ni chai
I love you
Wo jiu shi yao ni rang wo mei tian dou jing chai

Kai shi fen shi fen fen zhong
Dou miao bu ke yian
Shui do yi wei re ching, ta yong bu hui bian
Zong zi na ji nian
Gan ching ying le li jing, na yi mian

(Fei Ji…)
Baby baby baby O baby baby O baby, heyy
Shi bu shi yong you yi hou jiu hui kai shi yao shi qu
Wo gei ni de yue duo
Ni chuea you xiang yao duo
Ai yi wu fa hui da suo you de wen ti

(Na Me Ai Ni Wei Shen Me)
Li kai ni shi chang shi dui shi chuo
Shi kan fuo, shi ruan ruo
Zhe chuea guo, shi ai shi hen, huo zi shi shen me

(Ni Zhe Me She De Wo Nan Guo)
Zui ai ni de ren shi wo
Ni zhen me she de wo nan guo
Dui ni fu chu le zhe me duo
Ni chuea mei you gan, dong guo

(Ai Wo Bie Zou)
Ai wo bie zou
Ru guo ni shuo, ni bu ai wo
Bu yao ting jian ni zhen de shuo chu kou
Zai gei wo yi dian wen rou

(Rang Wo Huan Xi Rang Wo You)
Jiu ching ni gei wo duo yi dian dian shi jian
Zai duo yi dian dian wen hou
Bu yao yi chuea dou dai zou
Jiu ching ni gei wo duo yi dian dian kong jian
Zai duo yi dian dian wen rou
Bu yao rang wo ru chi nan shou

(Yuen Lai Ni Shen Me Dou Bu Xiang Yao)
Yuen lai ni, shen me dou bu xiang yao
Wo bu yao ni de chen luo
Bu yao ni de yong yuen
Zi yao ni zhen zhen chuea chuea ai wo yi dian
Jiu shuan chi rong yea hao, wen xing yea hao
Zui pa ni ba chen lui, dang zhe dui wo de hui da
Yuen lai ni, shen me dou bu xiang yao

(Xong Xing Nan Ku)
Ni shui ni, xiang yao tou
Pian pian ju ding yao ruo jiao
Ching bian le, ai xi le
Shen xia kong xing yao bu yao

(Zhu Fu)
Xiang li bie, li bie sui rang zai yien qian
Shuo zai jian, zai jin bu hui tai yao yuen
Dou you yong, you yong jiu neng qi dai ming tian
Ni he wo chung fong zai chan lan, de qi chian

(Wen Bie)
Wo he ni wen bie, zai wu ren de qian
Rang feng shi xiao wo bu neng juie jue
Wo he ni wen bie, zai kuan luan de ye
Wo de xing, deng zhe ying jie shang bian

Neng bu neng rang wo, pei zhe ni zou
Ji ran ni shuo, liu bu zhu ni
Hui chu de lu, you xie hei an
Dan xing rang ni, yi ge ren zou

(Chen Fu)
Jiu zhe yang bei ni chen fu, chuea wang le suo you tui lu
Wo de xing qing shi jian gu, wo de jue ding shi hu, tu

(Ting Hai)
Ting, hai ju de sheng ying
Dan xi zhe shui you bei shao le xing

(Wei Dao)
Xiang ni shen shang de ei dao
Wo xiang nian ni de wen
He shou den den yian chao wei dao
Ji huen zhong mei ai de wei dao

(Wo Huai Nian De)
Wo huai nian de, shi wu hua bu shuo
Wo huai nian de, shi yi qi zuo mong
Wo huai nian de, shi zhen chao yi hou
Hai shi xiang yao, ai ni de chong dong
Wo ji de, na tian sheng re
Ye ji de, na yi shou ge
Ji de na pian xing kong
Zui qing you shou
Zui ruan de xiong kou

(Li Wu)
Wo di me tong de ling wu
Ni jiu shi wo de chuean bu
Zi yuen ni chung ti qing de jia suo
Ai de shu fu, ren yi zui zu
Bie zai wei ai, shen ku

(Dou Shi Ni De Cuo)
Dou shi ni de chuo, zai ni de yien zhong
Dou shi fang zhe rang ren you ai you yian na me hen
Dou shi ni de chuo, ni de jiu qing mong
Xiang yi ge muo zou
Bi ni ai guo hai neng, wei shui, chuen dong

(Wo Men De Ai)
Wo men de ai
Guo le jiu bu zai hui lai
Zi dao xian zai
Wo hai wo wo de deng dai
Wo men de ai, wo ming bai
Yi bian chen ni de fu dan
Zi shi yong yuen
Wo dou fang bu kai
Zui hou de huen luan

(Ni Ba Wo Huen Zui)
Ni ba wo huen zui, ni rang wo liu lei
Huen xia le sui you zui, wo yi ming huan hui
Ni ba wo huan zui, ni rang wo xing sui
Ai yi de shou bu hui

(Yien Lei)
Oh, yien lei
Yien lei dou shi wo de ti hui
Jiu zang de zi wei
Oh, yien lei
Ren ju yien lei bu rang ni kan jian
Wo zai gai bian
Gu dan de, gan juea
Ni chen bu zen fa xian
Wo xiao zhong, hai you lei

(Qing fei de yi)
Zi pa wo zhi ji hui ai shang ni
Bu gai rang zhi ji kao de tai jing
Pa wo mei shen be neng gou gei ni
Ai ni ye shu yao hen da de yong qi

(Ni shi ru chi de nan yi wang ji)
Ni shi ru chi de nan yi wang ji
Fu fu, chen chen de zai ni xing li
Gai bian zhi ji shu yao duo shao yong qi
Fang, tang de xing qing, gai ru he ping jing

(Xin Tai Ruan)
Ni zhong shi xing tai ruan, xing tai ruan
Ba suo you wen ti, dou zhi ji kang
Xiang ai zhong shi jian dan, xiang chu tai nan
Bu shi ni de, jiu bie zai mian qiang

(Forever Love)
Forever love, forever love
Wo zi xiang yong wo zhe yi bei zi qu ai ni
Chung jing yi hou
Ni hui shi shuo you
Xing fu de, li you
Forever love
Forever love
Forever love

How to Teach Your Dog to High Five?

A dog is man's best friend. I trust that many people like dogs as their pets. Dogs are very smart and based on studies dogs are considered an intelligent animal. They can be thought tricks, run a daily errand like fetching the newspaper, guiding blind people and to the extreme, saving humans life. So to those who have or planing to have a dog as a companion, i would like to share with u all an article i came across on how to teach your dog to high five. To those who don't have a dog but want to try the tips below on other pets, pls do so and let me know the results. Who knows if there are other pets which can do this trick?

  1. Start by having dog shake. if it doesn't shake, just touch the back of her paw and say shake. Once your dog starts to offer paw, turn your hand up so your hand is facing your dog
  2. Start saying "high 5" while holding ur hand up. When ur dog hits your hand with her paw, quickly say good dog and reward with a treat.
  3. When ur dog hits your hand with her paw, start to slightly raise your hand higher and higher
  4. Keep raising ur hand until you can stand and ur dog jumps up to a high 5 your hand. The you should reward your dog for her achievement.
So basically dogs like rewards. Keep on giving them rewards and they will continue to do the same thing. Come to think of it, we humans are like that as well right? We like rewards and we do a task to get it.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Moving On

looking left and right, back and forward
sitting still quietly watching time past by
everything seems to be moving so fast
but yet we choose to sit there not moving a muscle

we know that there are deadlines to meet
chores to be done, things to be completed
there seems to be so less hours in a day
seconds seems to move faster every time we look at time

everywhere we go we see people running fast
some stop by the side walk panting,catching their breath
some continue to run with all their strength
running to reach a finish line in life

though the road is long and winding,
we still run to complete every task in life,
the obstacles that we encounter leaves scars on us
reminding us of how we got past the nemesis

its normal for us to sit down quietly at times
reflecting back on what we had done and where we're headed in life
its alright to stare endlessly in the deep blue sky
and find yourself the courage to move on