Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tips for Effective Presentations

Ah..presentations. When was the last time that we did this? As far as i can remembered, the 1st presentation that i did was during school days. The feeling of standing in front of the whole class and delivering what was i assigned to research can still be recalled clearly in my mind. Public speaking skills, courage to talk in front of everyone and knowledge are some of the skills needed to effectively deliver presentations.

We do presentations in schools and universities through projects assigned to us by our teachers.During our working life, we are not sparred as well coz we need to present to our bosses, customers and others which means presentation skills are a must. For those who are not comfortable doing presentations, fear not as there are simple tips that we can follow to make things easier. Since that presentations are unavoidable in life, lets review some tips below.

1st tip. Start by answering the audience basic questions which is "Why should i care about all this?". In other words, explain to the audience whats is in for them for listening on what you want to deliver. Tell them, how your information will change their life or will benefit them. You can also tell them how much they will lose if they do not have the information that you will about to deliver. This will make them more interested in the content you are about to deliver.

2nd tip. Use stories. People like to hear stories. Instead of delivering fully information, blend in some stories which may relate to your content of delivery. This will allow your audience to synchronize with your presentation and feel more relaxed. More than any showy visuals, people will remember what they "see" in their minds while they are listening.

3rd tip. Use technology to support the message not vice versa. An over reliance on the flashy effects can even negate the message. Many presenters over use the technology like flashy videos and audios to cover up their content of delivery which makes the point of presentation failed. People will be too dazzled with the over effects than remembers the content that you deliver.

How to Reuse Old Clothes?

What did you do to the shirt that you do not wear anymore? What happened to the pair of jeans that did not fit your size anymore? What was the fate of that pair of dress which was out of fashion which you hardly wore?

Many of use will just put it aside and it ends up in the dustbin after a few years during spring cleaning. Well, i know that there are some of them who passed clothes to their younger sister and brother, donation to salvation army or the needy and some even put them on Ebay to resell.

Instead of doing all of the above, we can actually consider to reuse old clothes and here i will show you how you can do so.

1st tip. Depending on the piece of clothing, you can cut them into strips or squares which you can use them as rags.

2nd tip.. Cut some of the pieces which looks best to be made into a blanket

3rd tip..For those jeans, if you can save the top part and sew into a reusable grocery bag.

4th tip. If you have kids, using old clothing scraps to make doll clothes is a creative way to bond with your child.

With the steps shown above, now you have more options to do with your old clothes. Isn't it great to reuse old clothes? We get to save more and we benefit from it. Btw, i think step number 3 is kinda weird. using the top part of jeans which is formerly for the "u know where" for grocery items.

How to Stay Safe in A Car Accident?

Have you been involved in a car accident before? If you had been in one before, how bad was it? Were you injured? Were you aware on what happened or did you went black out?
Accidents are events that we try our best to avoid but no one knows when will it happen.

We can pray all we want to avoid the accidents but there is no guarantee that it will not happen.The question now is "Are you ready when this kind of things happen?"

Its best for us to know at least some tips to stay safe or take the best course of action when we come face to face in this situation.So i decided to share some tips over here.

How to stay safe in a car accident?
1st step is the very basic which is to "Stay Calm".The key here is not to panic. ur already shaken up due to the accident so u must control ur emotions foremost

2nd step. If no one is hurt and the car is drivable, drive off the roadway. The logic is to avoid other cars from crashing into you which will create more damage for you and others.

3rd step. If ur car cant be driven, on your emergency light to inform others who see them to slow down therefore minimizing risk of others joining in the party.

4th step.Look around and be aware of on coming and passing cars. When safe, get out of the car, stay out of the street and set out cones to warn others.

5th step.Exchange information with other drivers. The situation is very messed up, hence its best to gather information to put the pieces of puzzle together.

6th step.When all information were exchanged and cars can be driven, watch out for traffic and re-enter the roadway.Drive to the nearest police station to make a report.

7th step.This is not the time to blame or to find fault. Likewise, this is not the time to settle the accident.Do not accept payment on the spot for damages.

The most important is to get the contact, IC details and car plate registration number. Damages and payment can be settled with those info above.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Where Most of Your Money Goes?

Ever wondered in our life where most of our money will go?
Yes i mean your hard earned money which you work so hard to get your hands on.
Dragging yourself up early in the morning, driving and getting stuck in the traffic jam, going to work, getting screwed by the boss and finally repeat the whole process...Day after day,week after week, month after month, year after year till you can work no more..
haha..and for what?the sole thing that keep us alive which is MONEY..and do you know where most of it goes to?

So behold, the 4 most areas where you will spend most of your cash on in your life. Counting down from number 4 which is EDUCATION. This category is very essential nowadays, since most of the employers out there are very particular on this.Without it, you will not be employed or even if you do get employed, they will cut down your salary just because you do not have the certificate. So getting a tertiary education is very important. Easily on this part you can spend from RM20,000 till RM200,000 depending on the college.

Standing strong at number 3 which is MARRIAGE. wat did you expect? u think ringing the church bell, beating the kompang, throwing rice and fetching the bride comes free? of course it will involve cost. Wow if i start on this topic, the list will never end. ok~ from preparation wedding photo, wedding attire, dinner cost for friends and family, flowers, the ring, cards, the presenting wedding gifts, nice car for picking up the bride, till much u think this will cost?haha~ well it depends, the more $$$ spent, the more grand and more happy lo.more cash can go honeymoon, new york, japan, korea, england bla bla.If not genting or cameron highlands also can rite?as long both happy then can ma. in my opinion will take at least RM50,000 till Rm200,000.

OK who can guess what is next on the list? Come on, take a wild guess.......ok? it?well, the next on list which is the runner up is CHILDREN. wat u think comes after marriage?if a child does not pop out after marriage, most ppl will tell the guys like this "Ei, sumthing wrong with ur **** ah?or u too stress till not able to function?u better go see doctor ba!" some case,or should i say many case, the child come out b4 marriage, if u knw what i mean la. ok down to the facts, i am sure that most of you already heard before that if you want to raise a child in this modern age, you must have at least RM1million. this will include food, accommodation, attire, education, entertainment etc etc..i myself not sure of this coz i don't have a child yet.any mommy or daddy out there can share exp here? really need so much meh?but how also i am sure that this will burn a big hole in your pocket..and u think babies are cute?well they are...but wit a price..

And the winner of all pocket burning event that happens in your life which you can never avoid, which is your FUNERAL..face it, we are all gonna die one day, and most of our money will also be spent on funeral service, buying coffin, and burial service. So, which of the event that you want to spend most of your money on?Hmm..definitely i will not spend it on this event. Why should i spend so much to buy a more comfortable coffin for my dead body when i can use more money to buy a more comfortable bed now? now where was the ikea leaflet i saw yesterday...

Getting the money is already hard enough but the hardest thing to do is actually SAVING it.And we spend mostly on this 4 events in life.Its kinda ironic.Don't you agree?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Marry Me?

How often will you hear the question? Once, twice or more? When you hear the question, what is your 1st reaction? If it was uttered by the person that you love, of course you will know what the answer is. But will you be able to say the magic word? Is marriage as easy as that? or will there be other factors involved?

I am certainly no pro in this matter. There was once a topic i came across asking " what is the most suitable age for marry?".Well, anyone who have the answer? or maybe those who had already gone through the process can share a bit? Most of the people that i met will not marry till they are really forced to do so. I think u all know what is the situation means rite? If ur really slow on this , well i give u a clue that a surprise will happen in 9 months time if they don't get married. still don't get it?Then look at the below picture...

Got it now?lol...

Recently, i met a fren who is just about to turn 23 this year and is very interested to get married even without making his GF pregnant. Well at 1st i thought that he was just joking around but when he told his parents and his GF about this, i know he was going to make a jump. Who in this world would like to get tied down at such a young age?Hmm..maybe the reason he did this because of true love. Anyways, i really damn respect this guy for his courage and willingness to get married so young.

Btw, marrying a person is not so easy as it seems. Well 1st u must make sure that the person is the one for you , 2nd you must make sure that you are financially capable, 3rdly, you must make sure that you are an didn't know that there are such high qualification that is needed to get marry nowadays. but sadly there are still people that are so particular about status and money.

It is true that if you are a complete package as above, you are able to provide better life but are those really a necessity? Well, of course my friend is not as qualified as that but at least he is a degree holder and has a steady job. In my opinion, he will be able to take care of his GF if they really get married, but who knows that the GF parents expect such high qualification from their future daughter's husband. in this case, i can only tell my friend to try his best to and pray that god will help them through this time

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Mouth Watering Blog

Today when i was surfin the net doing the normal things such as look at forum and waste time looking at other websites, suddenly i saw an IM pop up to a blog link from miss qpy

So when i got the link,i just click on the link which brings me to her blog.Do you know what is the 1st feeling that i felt? Could you guess?Haha~ Well, i would give u all a hint..the feeling came deep down from the tummy which was...HUNGER.hehe~

After open, saw so many nice pictures of delicious and mouth watering foods and beverages which she ate straight away make me hungry,haha..this girl really knows how to enjoy life.

But as long as i know her, even she like to eat so much, she can still keep her figure. Always so thin like a "lidi" which i think in english we call broom stick. In my opinion, this is good as this means that she is healthy and her metabolism rate very high.thumbs up.. she kindda look like this..

Anyways, i am also very impressed by the presentation of her blog.very well organized and when visit her blog have a calm and serenade feelings..not to mention the stomach keep on make noise due to the food pics.

Since i am also on my journey to create a blog so i am glad i can use her blog as a reference coz her layout really nice (i think coz of blogging has been part of her hobby)
Lastly, i would recommend anyone who want to know more about food too visit her blog at
Next time i would ask her where to eat since she knows so much about food..

Friday, April 4, 2008

PS 3/Xbox360 Price List

I am planning to get a gaming platform soon.
i already have PS, PS2 and now going for the big guns which will either be the PS3 or XBox360. Still very blur on choosing which console to buy and where to buy from.
Below are some info that i managed to survey but still have many more stores to go.The survey continues..

ps3 40gb asia set with 1 sixaxis wireless controller (o) + ps3 the club (o) is cost rm 1470.
ps3 40gb asia set with 1 sixaxis wireless controller (o) + ps3 the club (o) + 1 dual shock 3 wireless controller (o) is cost rm 1640.
ps3 dual shock 3 controller (o) is cost rm 170.
ps3 devil may cry 4 (o) is cost rm 200.

xb360 original halo 3 limited pack with falcon chip set with halo 3 (o) with hdmi output with 2 wireless controller (o) is cost rm 1500.
xb360 modded halo 3 limited pack pack with falcon chip set with halo 3 (o) with hdmi output with 2 wireless controller (o) + 10 games is cost rm 1600.
the metal gear solid 4 only release on 12th june.

Found Ur Soulmate?

Soul mate..
Is there such a things as soul mate in this world? Do you think that god had already arranged a person for everyone in this world? or must each and everyone of us must work hard to find the most suitable and compatible person in our life? Can you say that if a couple finally married, they have found their soul mate? Then how can you explain divorce cases that follows after that?

Humans are very complicated beings. Why u may ask? This is because of one thing which also makes us unique and special as well which is FEELINGS. Feelings for someone can be so special at times but it could change just like that. When this happens, the situation will turn ugly. breakups will happen,argument arise, backstabbing occurs,betrayal from the relationship all will happen.

But who can we really blame? can we blame the person who's feelings change? Is there any logic that can control feelings? Of course there is no way to control them. Well at 1st i really do not understand why do people always betray their partner in a relationship, having 3rd party, having affairs and etc..but now i finally understand.

Hence i do not blame anyone for this. Its just who we are as humans. So in my opinion the word soul mate does not exist in this world. As sweet as the word may seem, this word is same as the word FOREVER.As much as we want every sweet moment to last forever, it doesn't.

The world is a cold place.That is why finding a right partner in life is the best achievement anyone can ever have.To be honest.There is still some part of my heart that believes there is someone out there specially made for every single soul. Will the person ever arrive? Only time can tell

HTC Touch Dual

This post is about this smart phone which I've just bought not long ago.The phone is 2 months old to be exact.
This was my first ever touch screen phone so can you imagine the excitement that i have when i bought it.Yay!!

I usually do not spend so much $$$ on gadgets. But this time i have broken my rule and let lust came over me.OMG..if i keep this up, i will be broke.

However, i tried to calm myself by always saying that it is ok coz this is a long term investment and that sometimes its good to take some cash out to make ourself happy.Haha..just a way to "on wai" (self assure) myself only.

Paying only RM1088 for the device is still ok for me coz i had a RM1000 voucher to subsidize for the phone.Well, just to rundown a few of the specs are, 3G, hsdpa, 2 mega pixel camera, windows media player,organizer, ie, tasks, Microsoft Office and etc.The best thing is that this device can install many other software application which makes its function almost unlimited.

The most interesting feature is the touch flo feature and best of all, this is the only smart phone with a normal hp keypad, hence i get the best of both world.kind of like't know that having a smart phone was so exciting.the only downside of this is the battery lifetime is very short.

I'm just waiting for my service operator to have 3G service for me to have maximum usage of this device.hehe.ok then, i think its enough bragging about my gadget here. I had also posted some image as well for viewing


Today lets talk about this particular word called charisma. Do you know what does this word means? For those who don't, here's a short definition of the word which sounds like

"a rare trait found in certain human personalities usually including extreme charm and a 'magnetic' quality of personality and/or appearance along with innate and powerfully sophisticated personal communicability and persuasiveness"

Hard to understand? put it simple based on my understanding, its a skill that can "bomoh" or "charm" others either by physical or emotionally". They also say that this skill is very essential to develop good PR and is an effective way of communication.

I have met many people that can be very convincing and persuasive out there. Most of them are from sales, multi level marketing and entertainment industry. One thing that i notice when i interact with them is their confidence level is always at its peak. The substance which they deliver can be lame or non logical, but they have method of twisting the story till they seem correct.

Some research say that charisma is a trait that is natural while others claim that this skill can be learned through life. Well for those who have the skill naturally, of course it will be an advantage. but those who don't,learning it will bring future benefits without a doubt.

However, in my case, i am not that charismatic but i try not to let those who have this skill con or persuade me.hmm..although there are many times that i almost got brain washed by them, but no worries, my experience will grow with time and will only make me stronger. To summarize, this skill is very important because no matter what it is be it in work, social or even relationship communication takes place and CHARISMA pawns..

Will be doing more research on this.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Can You Feel The Love Tonight

Another nice song that touched my soul that i would like to share up here.Enjoy. Sing along as well with the lyrics.

There's a calm surrender to the rush of day
When the heat of the rolling world can be turned away
An enchanted moment, and it sees me through
It's enough for this restless warrior just to be with you

And can you feel the love tonight
It is where we are
It's enough for this wide-eyed wanderer
That we got this far
And can you feel the love tonight
How it's laid to rest
It's enough to make kings and vagabonds
Believe the very best

There's a time for everyone if they only learn
That the twisting kaleidoscope moves us all in turn
There's a rhyme and reason to the wild outdoors
When the heart of this star-crossed voyager beats in time with yours

The Perfect BF

well, this is a topic that had been in debate for quite some time. Is there such a thing as a perfect BF? Well, if you encountered the question the 1st time, i know that most of the people will say that there is no such thing as a perfect person in this world. Agreed?
Well, its true that there is no person that is perfect. So let me rephrase back the topic above so that others will get a better understanding of the case.

What i am trying to emphasize here is that not trying to be perfect but just to try the best to make sure that the relationship comes to a success.I believe all girls will want to marry the best man that she can find in life right? Even guys will try to marry the best girl that they can find.

Hence from what i had observed throughout my life, that those who knows how to get in a relationship and maintaining it is the best. Many people are just able to get in a relationship but maintaining it is not achievable, that is where you hear many break up stories out there.

From what i had heard around, especially from friends and experienced people is that characters that a girl looks for in a man are, charisma, career, financial, confidence, independent, sense of humour, romance and the heart it self.

There are many points that i can see above and researching them will take some time.Hmm..i guess thats what makes it interesting.Well got to go now. more updates later on. stay tuned