Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Perfect BF

well, this is a topic that had been in debate for quite some time. Is there such a thing as a perfect BF? Well, if you encountered the question the 1st time, i know that most of the people will say that there is no such thing as a perfect person in this world. Agreed?
Well, its true that there is no person that is perfect. So let me rephrase back the topic above so that others will get a better understanding of the case.

What i am trying to emphasize here is that not trying to be perfect but just to try the best to make sure that the relationship comes to a success.I believe all girls will want to marry the best man that she can find in life right? Even guys will try to marry the best girl that they can find.

Hence from what i had observed throughout my life, that those who knows how to get in a relationship and maintaining it is the best. Many people are just able to get in a relationship but maintaining it is not achievable, that is where you hear many break up stories out there.

From what i had heard around, especially from friends and experienced people is that characters that a girl looks for in a man are, charisma, career, financial, confidence, independent, sense of humour, romance and the heart it self.

There are many points that i can see above and researching them will take some time.Hmm..i guess thats what makes it interesting.Well got to go now. more updates later on. stay tuned

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