Friday, April 4, 2008

HTC Touch Dual

This post is about this smart phone which I've just bought not long ago.The phone is 2 months old to be exact.
This was my first ever touch screen phone so can you imagine the excitement that i have when i bought it.Yay!!

I usually do not spend so much $$$ on gadgets. But this time i have broken my rule and let lust came over me.OMG..if i keep this up, i will be broke.

However, i tried to calm myself by always saying that it is ok coz this is a long term investment and that sometimes its good to take some cash out to make ourself happy.Haha..just a way to "on wai" (self assure) myself only.

Paying only RM1088 for the device is still ok for me coz i had a RM1000 voucher to subsidize for the phone.Well, just to rundown a few of the specs are, 3G, hsdpa, 2 mega pixel camera, windows media player,organizer, ie, tasks, Microsoft Office and etc.The best thing is that this device can install many other software application which makes its function almost unlimited.

The most interesting feature is the touch flo feature and best of all, this is the only smart phone with a normal hp keypad, hence i get the best of both world.kind of like't know that having a smart phone was so exciting.the only downside of this is the battery lifetime is very short.

I'm just waiting for my service operator to have 3G service for me to have maximum usage of this device.hehe.ok then, i think its enough bragging about my gadget here. I had also posted some image as well for viewing

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