Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tips for Effective Presentations

Ah..presentations. When was the last time that we did this? As far as i can remembered, the 1st presentation that i did was during school days. The feeling of standing in front of the whole class and delivering what was i assigned to research can still be recalled clearly in my mind. Public speaking skills, courage to talk in front of everyone and knowledge are some of the skills needed to effectively deliver presentations.

We do presentations in schools and universities through projects assigned to us by our teachers.During our working life, we are not sparred as well coz we need to present to our bosses, customers and others which means presentation skills are a must. For those who are not comfortable doing presentations, fear not as there are simple tips that we can follow to make things easier. Since that presentations are unavoidable in life, lets review some tips below.

1st tip. Start by answering the audience basic questions which is "Why should i care about all this?". In other words, explain to the audience whats is in for them for listening on what you want to deliver. Tell them, how your information will change their life or will benefit them. You can also tell them how much they will lose if they do not have the information that you will about to deliver. This will make them more interested in the content you are about to deliver.

2nd tip. Use stories. People like to hear stories. Instead of delivering fully information, blend in some stories which may relate to your content of delivery. This will allow your audience to synchronize with your presentation and feel more relaxed. More than any showy visuals, people will remember what they "see" in their minds while they are listening.

3rd tip. Use technology to support the message not vice versa. An over reliance on the flashy effects can even negate the message. Many presenters over use the technology like flashy videos and audios to cover up their content of delivery which makes the point of presentation failed. People will be too dazzled with the over effects than remembers the content that you deliver.

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