Friday, April 18, 2008

Where Most of Your Money Goes?

Ever wondered in our life where most of our money will go?
Yes i mean your hard earned money which you work so hard to get your hands on.
Dragging yourself up early in the morning, driving and getting stuck in the traffic jam, going to work, getting screwed by the boss and finally repeat the whole process...Day after day,week after week, month after month, year after year till you can work no more..
haha..and for what?the sole thing that keep us alive which is MONEY..and do you know where most of it goes to?

So behold, the 4 most areas where you will spend most of your cash on in your life. Counting down from number 4 which is EDUCATION. This category is very essential nowadays, since most of the employers out there are very particular on this.Without it, you will not be employed or even if you do get employed, they will cut down your salary just because you do not have the certificate. So getting a tertiary education is very important. Easily on this part you can spend from RM20,000 till RM200,000 depending on the college.

Standing strong at number 3 which is MARRIAGE. wat did you expect? u think ringing the church bell, beating the kompang, throwing rice and fetching the bride comes free? of course it will involve cost. Wow if i start on this topic, the list will never end. ok~ from preparation wedding photo, wedding attire, dinner cost for friends and family, flowers, the ring, cards, the presenting wedding gifts, nice car for picking up the bride, till much u think this will cost?haha~ well it depends, the more $$$ spent, the more grand and more happy lo.more cash can go honeymoon, new york, japan, korea, england bla bla.If not genting or cameron highlands also can rite?as long both happy then can ma. in my opinion will take at least RM50,000 till Rm200,000.

OK who can guess what is next on the list? Come on, take a wild guess.......ok? it?well, the next on list which is the runner up is CHILDREN. wat u think comes after marriage?if a child does not pop out after marriage, most ppl will tell the guys like this "Ei, sumthing wrong with ur **** ah?or u too stress till not able to function?u better go see doctor ba!" some case,or should i say many case, the child come out b4 marriage, if u knw what i mean la. ok down to the facts, i am sure that most of you already heard before that if you want to raise a child in this modern age, you must have at least RM1million. this will include food, accommodation, attire, education, entertainment etc etc..i myself not sure of this coz i don't have a child yet.any mommy or daddy out there can share exp here? really need so much meh?but how also i am sure that this will burn a big hole in your pocket..and u think babies are cute?well they are...but wit a price..

And the winner of all pocket burning event that happens in your life which you can never avoid, which is your FUNERAL..face it, we are all gonna die one day, and most of our money will also be spent on funeral service, buying coffin, and burial service. So, which of the event that you want to spend most of your money on?Hmm..definitely i will not spend it on this event. Why should i spend so much to buy a more comfortable coffin for my dead body when i can use more money to buy a more comfortable bed now? now where was the ikea leaflet i saw yesterday...

Getting the money is already hard enough but the hardest thing to do is actually SAVING it.And we spend mostly on this 4 events in life.Its kinda ironic.Don't you agree?

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