Sunday, April 6, 2008

Mouth Watering Blog

Today when i was surfin the net doing the normal things such as look at forum and waste time looking at other websites, suddenly i saw an IM pop up to a blog link from miss qpy

So when i got the link,i just click on the link which brings me to her blog.Do you know what is the 1st feeling that i felt? Could you guess?Haha~ Well, i would give u all a hint..the feeling came deep down from the tummy which was...HUNGER.hehe~

After open, saw so many nice pictures of delicious and mouth watering foods and beverages which she ate straight away make me hungry,haha..this girl really knows how to enjoy life.

But as long as i know her, even she like to eat so much, she can still keep her figure. Always so thin like a "lidi" which i think in english we call broom stick. In my opinion, this is good as this means that she is healthy and her metabolism rate very high.thumbs up.. she kindda look like this..

Anyways, i am also very impressed by the presentation of her blog.very well organized and when visit her blog have a calm and serenade feelings..not to mention the stomach keep on make noise due to the food pics.

Since i am also on my journey to create a blog so i am glad i can use her blog as a reference coz her layout really nice (i think coz of blogging has been part of her hobby)
Lastly, i would recommend anyone who want to know more about food too visit her blog at
Next time i would ask her where to eat since she knows so much about food..

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**Pei Yin** said...

haha.. i dont have that kind of body ok?! Promoting my blog ah? It's actually private limited de ler.. more to talking craps abt what's happening in my life ^^ ...anyway.. u can start one blog like this too.. no need always talk and sulk abt sad things only rite?! Enjoy your life while you can! Life is short ^^
take good care lilboy ^^