Friday, April 4, 2008

Found Ur Soulmate?

Soul mate..
Is there such a things as soul mate in this world? Do you think that god had already arranged a person for everyone in this world? or must each and everyone of us must work hard to find the most suitable and compatible person in our life? Can you say that if a couple finally married, they have found their soul mate? Then how can you explain divorce cases that follows after that?

Humans are very complicated beings. Why u may ask? This is because of one thing which also makes us unique and special as well which is FEELINGS. Feelings for someone can be so special at times but it could change just like that. When this happens, the situation will turn ugly. breakups will happen,argument arise, backstabbing occurs,betrayal from the relationship all will happen.

But who can we really blame? can we blame the person who's feelings change? Is there any logic that can control feelings? Of course there is no way to control them. Well at 1st i really do not understand why do people always betray their partner in a relationship, having 3rd party, having affairs and etc..but now i finally understand.

Hence i do not blame anyone for this. Its just who we are as humans. So in my opinion the word soul mate does not exist in this world. As sweet as the word may seem, this word is same as the word FOREVER.As much as we want every sweet moment to last forever, it doesn't.

The world is a cold place.That is why finding a right partner in life is the best achievement anyone can ever have.To be honest.There is still some part of my heart that believes there is someone out there specially made for every single soul. Will the person ever arrive? Only time can tell

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