Wednesday, April 30, 2008

How to Reuse Old Clothes?

What did you do to the shirt that you do not wear anymore? What happened to the pair of jeans that did not fit your size anymore? What was the fate of that pair of dress which was out of fashion which you hardly wore?

Many of use will just put it aside and it ends up in the dustbin after a few years during spring cleaning. Well, i know that there are some of them who passed clothes to their younger sister and brother, donation to salvation army or the needy and some even put them on Ebay to resell.

Instead of doing all of the above, we can actually consider to reuse old clothes and here i will show you how you can do so.

1st tip. Depending on the piece of clothing, you can cut them into strips or squares which you can use them as rags.

2nd tip.. Cut some of the pieces which looks best to be made into a blanket

3rd tip..For those jeans, if you can save the top part and sew into a reusable grocery bag.

4th tip. If you have kids, using old clothing scraps to make doll clothes is a creative way to bond with your child.

With the steps shown above, now you have more options to do with your old clothes. Isn't it great to reuse old clothes? We get to save more and we benefit from it. Btw, i think step number 3 is kinda weird. using the top part of jeans which is formerly for the "u know where" for grocery items.

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