Monday, April 14, 2008

Marry Me?

How often will you hear the question? Once, twice or more? When you hear the question, what is your 1st reaction? If it was uttered by the person that you love, of course you will know what the answer is. But will you be able to say the magic word? Is marriage as easy as that? or will there be other factors involved?

I am certainly no pro in this matter. There was once a topic i came across asking " what is the most suitable age for marry?".Well, anyone who have the answer? or maybe those who had already gone through the process can share a bit? Most of the people that i met will not marry till they are really forced to do so. I think u all know what is the situation means rite? If ur really slow on this , well i give u a clue that a surprise will happen in 9 months time if they don't get married. still don't get it?Then look at the below picture...

Got it now?lol...

Recently, i met a fren who is just about to turn 23 this year and is very interested to get married even without making his GF pregnant. Well at 1st i thought that he was just joking around but when he told his parents and his GF about this, i know he was going to make a jump. Who in this world would like to get tied down at such a young age?Hmm..maybe the reason he did this because of true love. Anyways, i really damn respect this guy for his courage and willingness to get married so young.

Btw, marrying a person is not so easy as it seems. Well 1st u must make sure that the person is the one for you , 2nd you must make sure that you are financially capable, 3rdly, you must make sure that you are an didn't know that there are such high qualification that is needed to get marry nowadays. but sadly there are still people that are so particular about status and money.

It is true that if you are a complete package as above, you are able to provide better life but are those really a necessity? Well, of course my friend is not as qualified as that but at least he is a degree holder and has a steady job. In my opinion, he will be able to take care of his GF if they really get married, but who knows that the GF parents expect such high qualification from their future daughter's husband. in this case, i can only tell my friend to try his best to and pray that god will help them through this time

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