Wednesday, May 7, 2008

How to Teach Your Dog to High Five?

A dog is man's best friend. I trust that many people like dogs as their pets. Dogs are very smart and based on studies dogs are considered an intelligent animal. They can be thought tricks, run a daily errand like fetching the newspaper, guiding blind people and to the extreme, saving humans life. So to those who have or planing to have a dog as a companion, i would like to share with u all an article i came across on how to teach your dog to high five. To those who don't have a dog but want to try the tips below on other pets, pls do so and let me know the results. Who knows if there are other pets which can do this trick?

  1. Start by having dog shake. if it doesn't shake, just touch the back of her paw and say shake. Once your dog starts to offer paw, turn your hand up so your hand is facing your dog
  2. Start saying "high 5" while holding ur hand up. When ur dog hits your hand with her paw, quickly say good dog and reward with a treat.
  3. When ur dog hits your hand with her paw, start to slightly raise your hand higher and higher
  4. Keep raising ur hand until you can stand and ur dog jumps up to a high 5 your hand. The you should reward your dog for her achievement.
So basically dogs like rewards. Keep on giving them rewards and they will continue to do the same thing. Come to think of it, we humans are like that as well right? We like rewards and we do a task to get it.

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