Monday, May 26, 2008

I'm Tired~

life is so tiring, don't you think so? as working person, we have to work 8 hours a day just to get payed at the end of the month. As a student, we had to study, do assignments and sit for exams to earn that pointer to pass the certain subject. You see, its a never ending procedure which happens everyday once dawn break till the sun sets in.By the time you wake up in the morning, it starts all over again.
it seems that we are bounded by this routine which happens everyday in our life. we are all like trap in a rat race running in circles doing the same thing over and over again. Some of us even got used to this routine till they are immune and do it until the very day they close their eyes. This keeps me wondering, "is life really that boring and tiring? is there a certain way out of this tiring maze?"
last night, when i was sitting down alone pondering on this, i came to a conclusion that instead of doing the same thing everyday which everyone does, i need to do something different or else i would end up being trapped like them forever in this rat race. It would be endless doing the same thing over and over again. Already this is tiring me. 13 years of studying and almost 3 years of working brings me to a stand which concludes that what i am doing now is never ending.hence a solution must be thought and it must be thought fast.
what must i do differently from others that can get me out of this race? why are others not doing it? why do they choose to remain here? what will happen if they fail to do what they wanted? are the consequences really that bad that they decide to just stick with a job? all these questions continue to flood my brain as i give this thought a while to explore my mind. I know time is almost up and i need to act fast now. the time is now.
the race of life is just about to begin and i am still here at the starting line, unsure on where to go.i know i must be doing something differently but do not know what. thats the only problem that i have now. well, tonight i will have to continue my daily routine as well. it can't be helped coz i haven't found a way out of this mess.
i guess its ok to continue working as for now. times are tough right now and i know that having a job is already considered a blessing. although this job is very tiring both mentally and physically, it earns quite a good amount for my age and academic qualification at the moment. But this is not what i am satisfied with, as i am going to find my exit out of this rat race. You just wait and see~

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Anonymous said...

I currently work for an aerospace company. My work group has been "mandatory" minimum work schedule of 10 hours/day + 8 hours Saturday for more than a year now. Another day, the group leader came by on the Saturday afternoon (just about the time I called it quit) and asked if I came to work on Sunday. I said no, and he looked disappointed. I almost said "f**ck you all I have enough", but controlled myself. It's amusing that politicians, especially the Republicans, often claimed that private companies are the most efficient system in the world, and a lot of idiots believed them. I have worked for several big companies, and they're all sluggish, to the point of stupidity. One of the managers even admitted that the time after time EVERY big project that successfully pushed through the door were required lot and lot of sacrifice from his employees. He did not know how but somehow people made things work by practically live with their jobs. Here in America, people live to work, instead of work to live. They also live to eat, instead of eat to live. The materialistic life style gives people no choice but keep running the rat race to pay debts.