Thursday, May 8, 2008

Beauty Fades With Time

As the saying goes, "beauty fades with time". Ever wondered why there goes a saying like this? hmm.who knows? have you really give this saying a thought? One glanced at this saying it looks very normal but as i look longer and start to stare deeply into the saying, every single word start to form a specific meaning.

Beauty indicates the sight of soothing and likes which creates attraction. Many people have this in the beginning and will not realize it till its really gone from their appearance. As time goes and beauty whithers, we will tend to realize that not everyone around us will appreciate us for who we are but for the beauty we once had.

When this happens, relationships will crumble, fights occurs, and tears will be seen flowing down faces. This kind of thing happens very frequently in the society today. Those who managed to get though this part of life, will continue to live and learn from their previous mistake. What was the mistake you may ask? Of course to find the person who appreciates you not only for your beauty but for your heart and who you really are.

Many friends of mine especially girls are very excited in their early teens as many guys go after them. They will switch partners in life and choose the best one they could hang on regardless of their partners feelings. Why not? In their thinking, "i am still pretty and attractive. Why should i settle for less? My previous bf is less attractive, caring, rich, etc, better i choose this person after me".What they failed to realize or consider is that is the person going after them really for who they are or just for the beauty. If it was because of beauty, you can bet that once your time is over, its goodbye for you. He's off to seek younger blood.

What am i try to impose here is that people out there, please give a deeper thought on the saying as this may lead to your happiness in life. Do not pick your life partner based on beauty as time will devour beauty. Seek a person who loves your heart not your appearance.

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Roger Hu said...

It would be best if one can tell whether the partner really loves your heart.
But even if that is not the case, there are still ways to keep the relationship working.

In essence, love is a heavy commitment, which takes quite a lot of time to sustain its long-term stability. Not only putting in the effort, but also working smart.

For long-term, one has to learn and communicate in the right love language.
This means to be observant of the partner's behaviours and responses to different ways in which you express love in.

There are 5 main love languages in which people may receive and feel love. Identify and communicate in the love language that the love language of the partner, and keeping his/her love tank full.

This is the best way to create a friendly love climate where differences can be amicably discussed and compromise can be reached. Note that love has to be kind and from the heart, and do try to avoid withdrawals from problems. This is a short summary to the best of my knowledge.

Reference: The 5 love languages: the secret to love that lasts