Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ways to Save on Shopping Bill

With the recent price increase on rice and petrol, i believe that everyone will feel the pinch especially the middle to lower income group. Both of the above categories are essential for everyone as we need to eat and we need petrol as means of traveling either for work or leisure.
I had heard that many people will complain on the government not capable by allowing all these price increase.

Its true that the government should help the public by lessening the public burden but they can't be blamed for all these increase because its a global issue which other nations are also facing. Hence, instead of blaming and finding faults, its better that we seek solutions to counter all these problems.

So stated below are some tips to save some cash on your shopping bill.

Tip 1.Grow your own food.
Before i say more on this, we do not necessary need to have a farm to grow your food. The meaning of growing your own food is things such as spices and other small foods such as spices.

Tip 2.Get better value per unit
This means that we go for larger quantity as the more bigger the quantity, the cheaper the price. An example can be viewed when see the price difference of 1.5 liter juice price as compared to 250mlX6 juice. Overall the price of the 1.5 liter bottle will be cheaper compared to 250mlX6 bottles.

Tip 3.Buy generic or house brands
House brand items.Have you heard of all these? Don't have a idea what it is? House brand means local brand from the hypermarket themselves. Some of the examples are brands such as tesco value, tesco choice, giant, carefour and many more. The reason why these brands are more cheaper compared to other leading brands are not because they lack of quality but because of the cost of advertising which had been saved being rewarded back to consumers. Other leading brands spend a lot of cost on advertising their products which explains the higher price to cover up their cost. House brands on the other hand do not require advertising which brings a lower selling price.

Tip 4.Look at the big total
Always look at the bigger picture. Be careful of promotion such as "Buy 1 get 1 free" as this promotion sometimes will have a higher price for the item u purchase but the free gift is very less in value. This trick had been used by almost all retailers to entice customers who doesn't look at the big total.

Tip 5.time your purchases
Buy only during SALE period. When i say time your purchase, i really mean buy only during promotions are on. I believe that if you really time your purchase and buy at the right time, you will really see the effect in your pocket. During a sale, prices can be slashed from as low as 10% till 80%

Tip 6.plan your shopping
According to a local study in the US, almost 12% of the total groceries bought were never consumed and were contributed to wastage. By this fact, we can sum up that we over purchase when we are shopping. Why should we spend excessively on things that we never use? its like throwing ur cash away just like that.So before you buy the thing, think again will it be used or go straight into the trash can.

Tip 7.alternative be flexible
This tip imposes that we not be too choosy on the things that we eat and buy. Rather than buying the same old brand which has a higher price tag, we may consider buying another item which is cheaper. For instance, instead of buying a bottle of dettol hand wash which causes RM8.00, we can consider buying other brands which are lower in terms of price. The main idea here is to be opened and not just stick on one particular thing.

Tip 8.Be Organised
This mean that you need to make a list of the things that you wish to buy before making your way to the shopping mall. You should also take note of the prices of items that you normally buy. Why you ask? of course to keep track of the prices and make sure that what ur buying are really reasonable. As u know now not all items are on promo every week. Compare with other brands quality, price and the amount that ur willing to spend.

Tip 9.Save more from the cards in ur wallet
I like this tip. Ok, we all now use many kind of loyalty cards and credit cards to pay for our shopping right? So make use of both cards to the max to make ur purchase and redeem for cash vouchers and rebates that are being offered by your credit card company for being loyal to them. Some till the extent also offers attractive prizes when you use more than a certain amount.

Tip 10.Buy overruns or used items
Did you know that now you can still find some items that are in good conditions in 2nd hand shops? If you still have the mind conception that 2nd hand shops only sell cheap, dull and worn out stuff, please think again. Now even the wealthy and higher class individuals will go there and look for good conditions items. it may be hard to find but the price there sure will save ur wallet from getting burnt.

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