Monday, October 27, 2008

ZanMai Sushi

This time we went to Zanmai Sushi which is located in The Gardens. Previously we had dined in the outlet in One Utama which is situated in the center of the shopping complex walk way. This time the outlet in Gardens looks more bigger compared the one in OU. Seriously, the price here is a bit more expensive compared to Sakae Sushi and Sushi King but the portion is also quite large hence u actually get more quality sushi.

Ok since that both of us were not feeling well, we decided to go easy on the food and order only sushi and warm soup. I didn't expect that health can play a major role in this but it certainly helped in the selection on the menu as we need to cancel all our preference food which was either fried or spicy so our condition will not worsen. Less talk and down to the orders.

Salmon Sashimi Large @ RM13.00

Coral Roll @ RM12.80

Miso Shiru @ RM2.80Green Tea @ RM1.00

Chuka Iidako @ RM3.80
Assorted Sushi (12) @ RM23.80
Shoyu Ramen @ RM6.80

Inari Tuna Salad @ RM3.80

Wet Tissue @ RM0.20

Total Damage+ Tax 10%+Tax 5% = RM79.35


**Pei Yin** said...

walao.. lilboy.. u eat so expensive! i only ate rm30+ for 2 person eh...

cwlee said...

i know, u eat RM30 oni aah? wat u eat?so cheap 1?

**Pei Yin** said...

see my blog and you will know ^^