Monday, October 27, 2008

Dome Cafe

After movies, we decided to walk around and guess what? we felt hungry again. ok, not exactly hungry but just craving for something. My GF was craving for something in Dome Cafe. So we went there and flipped through the menu. We were not able to drink coffee due to our throat condition so we settled for something else. Oh! btw, I was tricked in ordering the ginger tea which was not nice. I was having a flu and cold so since i came across the ginger tea, i thought it would be nice and soothing but it turned out the other way. Wanna know how they tricked me? Well it was all using words. Just read on what it said in its description as follows

"Hot ginger tea is deliciously warming and soothing. It is useful for improving digestion, circulation and to ward off colds and flu. "

See! the power of words can be quite deceiving..Anyways, down to the orders..
Marble Cheese Cake @ RM12.00


Hot Chocolate (R) @ RM11.00

Ginger Tea @ RM10.50

Total Damage+Tax10%+Tax 5% = RM62.70

Next time around, i am going there for a cup of cappuccino..*droll*

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ayesha said...

that's not how their marble cheesecake looks like you know...