Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Food prices keep rising

Yesterday i just finished typing on tips to save during meals and guess what that i saw in today news headlines? "Food prices keep rising"...The most interesting thing is that the news was ranked on the most read news in the Star Online website. Well, what to do? Its understood when the oil and wheat price increased, there are bound to be increase in the prices of food and beverages sold. What did you expect? The government going to take the hit directly? Even though that the government will subsidized, but there will be after effects and will hit us consumers in the end.

Those who conduct their business can't be expected to absorb the hit and suffer own losses rite? They also need to keep their business running and when prices from operation cost and raw material increase, the pressure is bound to be passed on to the consumers. Let me just state a brief comparison of prices done by the star in Miri as below

Items//B4 Price//After
Iced milo and iced lemon tea//RM1.50//RM2.30
Bowl of wantan mee// RM2.50 // RM4
Bowl of plain kolok mee//RM1.70 //RM2.50-RM3
Plate of economy rice//RM3.50//RM4-RM5
Plate of char siew rice//RM3.50//RM5

Now there y0u have it. look at the increase and difference. Thats food and beverages which we as humans consumes everyday. We need to eat and drink to continue to live. but with the increase at this rate, our salaries alone will not be enough to cover the basic means of survival. One thing which is certain is our salaries doesn't go up as fast as the rates of increase so its either we earn more or we conserve and consume less.

The worst things that i read on the site is that the government is not able to take action on those business operators which drastically increase their price as long as they do not increase those things which are controlled items. The best thing that the government can advise us is to avoid going to the store.


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