Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Delay

Wow~ it almost had been a month since i last updated my blog. 1 month is a very long time. actually i always wanted to update it when it was my free time but i was either too tired to do so or i was caught up with other chores. Well, then again here i am to update my blog after so long.

the 1st thing that i notice is the number of counters that was stated on my page. When last i was looking at the counter was only 400 plus. i almost got a shock when i opened my blog and saw it was at 1400. which means that there are people visiting my blog. i didn't expect to have so many visitors, seriously since i haven't really started to commercialize and introducing my blog to others.the reason why i am not doing so is because i don't think that the content on my blog is sufficient. when i launch my blog, i want it to be informative and also full with content so that the readers get to learn from my life experience. Thats why i called this blog "The Road Of Life" as this is a compilation of what i went through in life.

Since last month, i was very busy with my work and also family commitment. Wow!! i didn't know that family commitment was so much work. i mean really. now i know why people who have family can't even find time for them self coz there are not any available. Family commitment doesn't mean i got married ok? i mean family as in my family like mum, brother and the way, i am still long way of from getting married.

Life is very hectic especially if everyone in the house depends on you. Imagine, i am already so busy with work. When i finish work, i still need to attend to everyones need at home. i need to fetch my sis to college, send my bro to tuition, get the food ready for them, do house work chores, pay the bills, do the groceries and the list goes on and on.

This all started to get busy when my mum met with an accident and she was not able to do most of the housework anymore. Looking on the bright side, at lease i get to feel the heat of taking responsibility and being occupied. Keeps me wondering if i would ever want to get married and committed. Well i guess this is a part of life and we take the best of all that we went through. So now since my mum is getting better, i finally found some time to update this blog. More content to come so just stay tuned.


**Pei Yin** said...

what happen to your mom? it feels good to be fully occupied, doesnt it? haha..

cwlee said...

same like u fall down
u fall down frm tangga but my mum fell down from ladder.
so there were fractures in her bone resulting her in not able to walk for the time being.

**Pei Yin** said...

lol.. whats the diff btwn tangga and ladder? haha..

cwlee said...

tangga means stairs but ladder also means tangga..haha so in your case is stairs