Monday, September 22, 2008


Recently me and my Gf went to a Chilis to dine. This is the 1st time for me going there. Previously i heard that the servings are big in this place coz many foreigners come here to eat. Even when we walked into the restaurant, we can see many foreigners in there dining and some coming in to dine.

The outlet we went to was located in KLCC. The environment was not bad. It had an ambiance of sort of like a bar and also a diner. The 1st thing that i notice when i stepped into the restaurant is the mist and rain that i saw outside the window. As it was raining, the scenery outside was really hazy.The mood was just right as i loved raining weather.Then came the waiter along with the menu.

As usual, looking at a new menu i was puzzled on which item should i order. I was reading the small details on the menu as i didn't know on what the dish contained. My Gf on the other hand was so happy looking at the pictures of the foods and not to mention DESERTS in the menu. She was contemplating on what to order. I liked it when she's smiling like that trying to make up her mind on which to order.

Finally we decided to order the following items



Ok now for the fun part. Chilis have drinks which called bottomless beverages which means you get free refills without needing to order a new one. As you can see i only ordered 1 bottomless drink because my Gf did not want to drink. So when all of the food came, we ate, chatted and laughed. Before we knew it, the time to refill the "bottomless coke" had came. I called the waiter and he gladly helped with my refill.

We continued with our main course and the 2nd time to refill "bottomless coke" had came. So as usual, i asked for another waiter's assistance to help with the refill. And guess what? this time a different waiter choosed to be a 'Wise Guy' by showing me the hand and saying "I am sorry sir, if you are sharing drinks, we do not allow refill. This is our POLICY!!!".For you readers who cant visualize the hand can see the picture below.
Yes u did see the exclamation mark (!!!!) in the waiters statement and he did said it out LOUDLY. OK i get the picture that if you are sharing drinks, you are not allowed for refill. But initially, my GF did not had the intention to have any drinks but when she ate, of course she will need a few sips of water right? Well, thats besides the point. My point is, the waiter could have put it in a nicer manner which will not make the customer feel offended. i mean, you could just told me in a better tone and suggest that i get another bottomless drink so that both of us can have as many refills as we want.

I was so pissed off at him and decided to wage war. i purposely waited for him and called him to order another bottomless apple juice (RM8.95) for my gf so that i can have the refill for my coke. i think he somehow sensed my anger and apologized when he done the refill for us. i heard his apology but somehow, i was still pissed at the humiliation he caused us earlier on. As if i do not have the money to order another serving of drinks.

So me and my gf continued to drink and finish the 3rd cup of bottomless coke and same goes for the apple juice. The food was no longer a matter for me anymore. Even though there are still very little unfinished food, my focus was on the drinks now. This time, the waiter was very observant and he notice that our drinks we nearly finished and immediately came over to offer another refill. i smiled at him and passed the 2 cups to him while saying a big "THANK YOU" to him (sarcastically)

So now was round 4 for the coke and round 3 for the apple juice. And there were still plenty of room in the tummy. While forcing myself to drink down the 4th cup, me and my gf were making jokes and laughing all the way at the waiter action and what will i do to win the war. I told her that i am willing to drink until full tank, go to the washroom and return back to drink the bottomless coke till their machine goes broken. haha..well i know that this statement is just an exaggeration but it was fun.

At a point, we laughed until we could not looked at each other anymore and we had to turn our backs on each other. Imagine the suffering that my stomach had to endure when i was so full with the main course and drinks at the same time still making stupid jokes..Luckily my gf was there to talk me out of it. She even went the extant to pull away both glass coz do not want me to continue drinking. Am glad she did so coz i would had some major upset in the tummy. Soon we called for the bill and guess what? the same waiter who pissed me off came to attend to us and was providing an excellent service. I guess that he got my point that NEVER pissed off a customer. He was lucky that my Gf was there to stop me, coz i was also thinking about filing up the staff survey form and complaining about his attitude.

Anyways, we had to cancel our MOLTEN CHOCOLATE CAKE coz we were both full from the main course and drinks. we shall put it next on our menu if we come back to this place again. and that time, it will only be deserts and more bottomless drinks.

So total cost for all including 5% and 10% is RM74.05. Very worthy indeed considering the large portion of food, nice ambiance and excellent attitude fluctuation waiter may i add.

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