Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Petrol Increase at Midnite!!!

The most awaited news had finally came to a reality. previously we only hear that globally, the price of crude oil has increased but now out country can no longer bear the heavy subsidy. They finally let of the burden to the public. The sudden news really gave us all a shock of our life. the last i heard was the price hike will be imposed in the month of august. Now suddenly the government said it will be increased before midnight.

when news was 1st announced in the public, naturally everyone will start their engines and speed off to the nearest petrol station to get their tanks filled. so what happens is massive jam had occurred in all places that have petrol station. even in my housing estate, i am not able to get out of it coz of the jam an queuing up of other cars. luckily 2 days before i filled both of my cars tanks till the max. i didn't know why i did it but i did. well maybe it was a hunch that the price will go sky rocket today.

any how, when this petrol price goes up, all other things will go up as well. food, services and many more will definitely follow the hike. What do you expect? the previous fuel price was sold at RM1.92 per liter and after midnight the price will be at RM2.70!!! Thats a 40% increase per liter!! the most affected by this increase will be the lower and middle income group. how can we continue to survive in this condition? i believe that our salary raise will not be 40% right? inflation is really going to take a hike as well.

what can we do to reduce the pain of this increase? almost all of our life will revolve around fuel usage. ok~ keep aside the outing and leisure part. we still need fuel to go to work, do our groceries, getting the kids to school and etc. so how we try to reduce also the pinch will still be felt.
the government had tried to help us further by decreasing the prices of road tax for vehicles below 2000cc. well i guess the gov had to do something in order to show that they are helping the public, if not there is sure to be an uproar due to the sudden increase. Enough said, we need to source another alternative besides fuel coz this will be a never ending story. let me put it this way, price of petrol will continue to increase in the future. when fuel increase, other things will increase as well but our salary will not increase as much as the price hike all over. well when this happens, even a small kid can do the maths rite?
its either we all use our legs to get to work or get a bicycle and cycle to work. this way, we don't need to pay so much for fuel. well, look on the bright side of walking to work, 1st u will be more healthy coz its exercise, 2nd you will save on fuel, 3rd you will be able to save the world from air pollution 4th if u keep doing this, u will be representing Malaysia in the Olympics. Ain't this great?


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