Monday, March 31, 2008


What is failure?
Who determines that you are a failure?
What can you do to overcome failure?
At which point in life when you fail then only you can be considered a failure?
Is it during your younger years of education?
Is it during your teenage years of education?
Is it during your life after graduation?
Is it during your working life?
Is it when you break up with someone improtant in your life?
What happens when you failed in one of the above period in life?
What happens when you falied in all of the above in life?
What will you do in order to continue on the next step in life?
So many questions arise about this topic yet no answer is certain.
After so many questions i raised above, is there even such a thing such as failure?
Well in my opinion NO one in this world deserves to judge us as failures.
Not our parents, siblings,teachers, bosses, friends, loved one or anyone besides you and only you yourself.
Think about it..this is your life and what you do is all depends on you.
So what if you did failed at any point in life?
So what if you didn't make in through high school?
So what if you had been rejected by any organisation be it educational, the working sector or even in a relationship?
It all comes down to you and you yourself.
There are so many obstacles in the walk of life.
When you did badly in something, there will be many people who will try to halt your progress in life so that they themself will be able to rise to the top.
If you give up on yourself, you will only comply to the person's desire to see you fall.
Who doesn't want to rise to the top?
Who doesn't want to succeed in life?
My friends, life is all about success and only those who succeed will be able to achieve happiness and share those happiness with their loved ones.
Now the question is
"Will you give up along the way and let all the runners get by you in life?",
"Will you let others look down upon you in the social life hierarchy ,
"Will you let those who you love live in poverty?",
"Will you allow your loved ones to be taken care of others because you do not possess the ability to give the best to take care of them?"
Well i believe we all know what the answer for this and no further elaboraiton is needed for this.
So get up when you fall down!
No one in this world was born on top at the peak of success.
We only got one and only one life.
And you, yes you are the only person who decide how you are going to live this.
Choose to be always be kicked down and cry in the corner or stand up and face the coming challenge head on and get to the top.
And remember there is no such thing as failure!

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